Rural Energy Development

Through our Rural Energy Development Assistance Program, Northwest SEED is working with communities in Oregon and Washington to provide assistance with renewable energy development and energy efficiency upgrades. Program partners include Washington Department of Commerce, Pierce County Conservation District, and Oregon Department of Energy. The Rural Energy Development program is dedicated to:

  1. Educating agricultural producers and rural small business owners about their options for implementing energy efficiency measures and developing renewable energy projects;
  2. Providing project consultations and technical assistance to evaluate the economic and technical feasibility of utilizing energy efficiency and renewable energy to offset energy usage for business and farming operations; and
  3. Increasing the number of successful applicants to state and federal grant and loan programs, with particular attention paid to small, distributed or community-scale projects.

Northwest SEED’s Rural Energy Development program is open to agricultural producers and rural small businesses. Eligible enrollees will meet the following criteria:BisonWindmill

  • To qualify as an agricultural producer: Must receive 50% or more of gross income from agricultural operations.
  • To qualify as a rural small business: Must meet industry-specific standards established by the Small Business Association and be located outside metropolitan areas generally considered ineligible for USDA Rural Development programs.

To learn more about the program:

  • Fill out an Intake Form to tell us about your project.
  • Read case studies of successful solar farmers here.

Working With You

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Northwest SEED provides educational events to community members to support renewable energy project development.

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Northwest SEED provides publications, guidebooks and web tools that help communities pursue clean energy projects.