Conservation and Efficiency

HEATWISE: a Community Energy Efficiency Program

HEATWISE brings the popular group purchase model of our Solarize Washington program to energy efficiency, catalyzing the purchase of highly efficient home heating systems. We piloted HEATWISE in South Everett with Snohomish PUD to promote the purchase of ductless heat pumps. We educated 75 families through our workshops and saw a 50% conversion rate, with 38 families choosing to install a ductless heat pump! See our Heatwise Project Page for details.

Tribal Energy program

Our Tribal Energy program has been very successful in bringing energy savings to those that need it the most. Whether swapping out “energy hog” refrigerators, helping with energy planning, or training staff at tribal housing offices, Northwest SEED has a proven track record of engaging with Native American tribes to foster energy independence and self-sufficiency.

BPA Refrigerator Veronica Capoeman

  • Energy Efficiency Measures

To date, Northwest SEED has partnered with over 20 tribes in region to implement energy efficiency programs. Our low-cost energy efficiency efforts have saved tribal members in excess of 200,000 kWh of electricity and removed nearly 140 metric tons of GHG annually. In addition, our work is continually saving tribal members thousands of dollars annually that can be directed toward filling critical needs in their communities.

  • Capacity Building

Northwest SEED has also provided tribes with technical assistance for long-range energy planning. Projects included in-depth energy planning services, through which we have partnered with the Planning Departments of the Spokane and Nisqually Tribes to establish goals, evaluate opportunities, and build support within various sectors of the tribes for the development of comprehensive energy plans. We also assisted with implementation of energy plan measures through commercial energy audits, renewable energy feasibility, and evaluation of residential conservation opportunities.  Check out our publication “Energy Planning: A Guide for Northwest Indian Tribes” to learn more about energy planning and funding opportunities specifically for tribal energy projects.


Working With You

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Northwest SEED provides educational events to community members to support renewable energy project development.

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Northwest SEED provides publications, guidebooks and web tools that help communities pursue clean energy projects.